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Message from the President:


Dear Credit Union Members:


As President of the Board of Directors (BOD) Kennedy VA Employees Federal Credit Union, I am immensely proud and feel privileged to be elected to serve. My VA employment dates back to July 1973 and I have been a member of the credit union since 1975, 35 years. Initially, I served on the BOD as the secretary and was unanimously voted in as President when the presiding Board President retired four years ago. Over the past years, I have seen the credit union grow, improve customer relations, and upgrade services to meet the contemporary needs of the members.

The credit union consistently embodies the vision of the founders, 61 years ago. Our philosophy centers on member service as we strive to keep loan rates low and to offer competitive rates on dividends. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality core services and to expanding services based on sound financial principles, economic trends and member suggestions. The credit union's financial status continues to be sound despite a highly challenging economic environment. Our highly competent paid staff along with our dedicated volunteers work as a formidable team destined to ensure that the Kennedy VA Employees Federal Credit Union is among the best credit unions in the country. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


Genwyl Ann Glover

Kennedy VA Employees FCU | Board of Directors President


Credit Union Staff Members:

Name Title Phone
Gary M. Irwin Manager 901-523-8990 X 5607
Margie Johnson Head Teller 901-523-8990 X 5607
Teresa Robison Bookkeeper 901-523-8990 X 5607
Judy Butler Teller 901-523-8990 X 5607
Beverly Mathews Loan Officer 901-523-8990 X 5607
Calvetta Mathis Loan Officer 901-523-8990 X 5607

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