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Kennedy VA Employees FCU



2019 Board of directors Nomination announcement

Download 2018 Nomination Form


Annual Meeting: Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 11:30 a.m.

1.  The following directors of the Kennedy VA Employees Federal Credit Union are eligible for re-election and have agreed to serve another two (2) year term.

a.     Jan Slate

b.     Dave Fairley

2. Nominations are being accepted for the two positions. Credit Union members in good standing may obtain a nomination form on the web page or in the credit union beginning November 28, 2018 through December 12, 2018.

All nominations must be returned to the Credit Union for review by the Nominating Committee
no later than 1:00 pm Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

3.  Persons nominated must be current members of the credit union in good standing.  Please verify that the person nominated is willing and able to serve and is familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a board director.

Note: This is a volunteer position of the credit union.  It is not a VA position.



Board of Directors position description

Title Reports To Supervises
Director Members Credit Union Manager

Primary Responsibilities:

To set policy, plan the credit union’s course, make sure the credit union maintains its sound financial condition, keep communication open to educate members on services, review the Credit Union Manager’s progress in achieving goals and objectives, and report to the members at the annual meeting.  All decisions must be guided by the best interests of the membership.

Board Directors are volunteer members of the credit union. A board of directors legally represents the members. The board has the responsibility of establishing, guiding, and assessing the overall direction of the business. The board sets the strategic direction by establishing policies and goals to guide the CEO and other upper management.
Knowledge and Skills:

  • Understanding of credit union philosophy and desire to better the financial lives of members
  • Ability to understand basic financial statements
  • Ability to think and plan strategically
  • Be familiar with credit union laws and regulations

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Work with the a Credit Union Manager and the board to develop objectives and goals for the credit union, including strategic plans
  • Make sure the credit union adheres to pertinent laws, regulations and sound business practices
  • Maintains annual NCUA training requirements
  • Make sure the credit union maintains sound financial conditions and that the credit union’s assets are protected against unauthorized or illegal acts. If the credit union is suffering financial problems, directors are required to devote extra time and effort to the affairs and activities of the credit union.
  • Designate depositories, authorize borrowing and investing, provide for bonding and other security factors, including internal control policies and procedures.  Approve interest rates, dividends, and refunds, or approve policies to guide management in doing so approve loan limits and savings minimums
  • Understand that a board of directors is responsible for the general direction and control of a credit union
  • Develop personnel policies, or make sure they are developed, and then approve them for all credit union programs and activities.  Review policies and bylaws at least once a year and update as necessary
  • Make sure new products and services are developed as needed
  • Approve the credit union budget
  • Define the scope of the Credit Union Manager’s job, hire someone to fill the position, and review his or her progress in attaining goals and objectives
  • Attend regularly scheduled and special board meetings, exercise judgment independently from the Credit Union Manager, and report to the members at the annual meeting.


Nominating committee position description

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the President, Board of Directors, at least 30 days prior to each annual membership meeting. The committee is comprised of not less than three (3) members in good standing.

It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to nominate at the annual meeting one (1) member for each vacancy (including any unexpired term vacancy) in the Board of Directors for which elections will be held at the annual membership meeting.

Note: Based on NCUA Handbook, the Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board, not elected by the membership.

The Nominating Committee shall select a spokesperson to present the nominations to the membership during the annual meeting.

The Nominating committee will assess that all candidates meet the minimum qualifications and can be “recommended” to membership as meeting the criteria of skills and experience required of a member of the Board of Directors and necessary to strengthen the existing board.

The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one member for each Board of Directors vacancy, including any expired term for which elections are being held.

The Nominating committee collaborates with the Board 7-10 days prior to the annual meeting in order to ensure that the ballot is in order, a spokesperson is selected and prepared to present the nominations.

Election Pointers from Bylaws of the Kennedy VA Employees Federal Credit Union Article V:

  • The President (unless the President is not a member of the Board of Directors) shall appoint tellers at the annual meeting. The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall appoint tellers if the President is not a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Written ballots shall be distributed, the vote taken, the results tallied by the tellers and the results announced. Election may be by separate ballots for each director vacancy or may be by one ballot for all vacancies at the discretion of the presiding officer.
  • Written ballots are required for all elections except when there is only one nominee for the office. All elections shall be determined by plurality vote and there shall be no runoffs except in the event of a tie vote.

Revised October 18, 2018
Board of Directors
Kennedy VA Employees Federal Credit Union



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